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Magnetic Monetization Machine

Impeccable Design. Conversion Optimized.

Magnetic Monetization Machine

Raising The Bar . . .

One look at your new Magnetic Monetization Machine website immediately shows the world you’re playing on a totally different level than everyone else.

Your friends, peers and new acquaintances will struggle to hide their jealousy. They’ve figured you do well, but didn’t realize how well.

Your most sought after clients and patients will instantly know they’ve met their provider.

Quality That Stands Apart From The Competition

An unfair advantage that speaks to the premium quality of your services, procedures or products.

Your new Magnetic Monetization Machine website leaves the prospective client with little comparison. Let them browse, they’ll return because frankly, there’s no comparison.

Positioned premium. When we’re done with your site, visitors will immediately assume your procedures, products and services are higher quality because of the way your site looks. That may not be a fair assumption, but that’s what your site’s going to do when we’re done building it.

A Measurable Return On Investment

Your Magnetic Monetization Machine website is not only going to brand you apart from your competition, it’s going to bring your a return on investment in the very first year.

Your site will be custom built by incorporating very specific, strategically placed elements that psychologically deepen the connection between the visitor and you. A typical corporate website isn’t designed do that.

Let’s run through these elements…

Magnetic Monetization Machine Site Strategically Placed Elements

Psychologically Designed For Conversion

Attention Catching Design

Element 1:

Attention Catching Design

Your Magnetic Monetization Machine site’s mobile responsive design  immediately catches someone’s attention, whether they’re researching a provider on their phone or laptop.

Element 2:

Leader Showcase

This section of your Magnetic Monetization Machine site showcases the you, the business owner.

A high profile professional image that really pops is placed next to a short story about the business. 

About You
Featured Service

Element 3:

Featured Service

This element highlights what you do. The focus is one single service or your primary services. 

This provides the prospective patient or client a quick glance as to your primary services, procedures or products.

Element 4:

What Other's Have To Say

A glimpse into other’s shared experience.

The testimonials element provides insight as to what other people, your past clients or patients, have to say about you and business

Your Story

Element 5:

Your Story

Storytelling is an innate characteristic of human beings. We’re indoctrinated into stories from a very early age. We’re taught and entertained through storytelling. They’re our central communication channel.

Your story section is very important. It establishes a connection and brings personality into your business. Very few commercial websites even bother to take this into consideration. 

We’re going to put a short form video or professional pictures of you, your staff and your office to establish a visual connection.

We’re going to tell your story. This is short narrative about why you got into what you do, what the passion was behind what you do and why this is something that you’ve dedicated your life to.

As the prospective client or patient reads your story, it’s going to bring them in. They’ll immediately understand that you’re different from everyone else.

Element 6:


Every single day you’ve got people calling your office or asking you questions in your office.Those questions come up over and over and over again. 

We are going to fill this FAQ section with answers to those questions so that anybody that comes to your site can get those questions answered. And when someone asks questions, you’ll have a place to point them to instead of having to always come up with the answer over and over again.

People have objections. People have fears. We’re going to knock those down before they ever walk through the door, in ways your competitors don’t.

We’re going to use this section to do just that.

Lead Collection Device

Element 7:

Lead Collection Device

A lead collection device. We’re going to give something away that is valuable to your your prospective client or patient. We’ll come up with something specific to your office. 

The idea is simple. When somebody opts into this, you get a lead.They get the information they wanted.

Simultaneously, you’re going to be notified and alerted at your front desk. Every single time somebody opts into this your front desk can call and ask them if they have any questions.

We all know that when we get people on the phone and they’re talking to a real human, that a lot of times that is going to convert into business, not six weeks down the road, but right away.

And that’s what this is going to serve to do. Your website will now connect people to your office. Same day when they opt into to get the information.

Magnetic Monetization Machine Sites

Bringing It All Together

All of these elements, including eye-catching design and conversion pieces that our professional copywriters put together, are strategically placed onto the site.

That’s why your Magnetic Monetization Machine site is going to stand out and why the site’s going to pay you back dividends each year instead of you having to continue to pay for the site out of pocket.

You’re going to get a positive ROI within the first year because of these elements. 

This is going to be where you point all of your advertising regardless of whether it’s radio,  tv, online or newspaper.

Everything will be pointed to this because this is the funnel. This is the conversion engine, the monetization machine. It is going to bring people to your front door in a way that no other website ever has before.

That’s what we build here.

View a sample of our work, browse our FAQs then “Get Started” so we can walk you through the process.

Magnetic Monetization Sites

An Interactive Sample Of Our Work

Click Image For Demo

Frequently asked Questions

Electronic Press Kit Magnetic Media Sites Include:

  • – Customized Magnetic Media Site build 
  • – Domain Registration
  • – Hosting (2 years)
  • – SSL Certificate
  • – Updates
  • – Site Security
  • – Desktop and Mobile Responsive

Our  Electronic Press Kit Magnetic Media Sites are priced upon the features including on our pricing table below.

No contracts.

We purchase them, but you own them.

There’s nothing to cancel. There’s no ongoing cost. If you would like the site taken down for any reason simply send an email to support@docorporate.com and we’ll accommodate your request within 2 business days.

There’s no guarantee for Magnetic Media Sites.

No. There’s no free trial for Magnetic Media Sites.

There are no refunds for Electronic Press Kit Magnetic Media Sites.

Payment is due prior to us building your Magnetic Media Site and every 30 days thereafter.  If you have any reservations please contact us by email or give us a call.

Electronic Press Kit Magnetic Media Sites are updated with new press articles as they’re published. We’ll accommodate any reasonable requests for updates, such as change of email, address or phone number. Periodically adding or removing services and testimonials generally can be accommodated as well.

Electronic Press Kit Magnetic Profile Sites are typically delivered within 10 business days of payment.

To reach us with any questions about Electronic Press Kit Magnetic Media Sites or any of our other services, you can call 866.723.2522 or reach us by email at support@docorporate.com

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